When I decided to do a podcast, I knew that I wanted to compose its theme song. I love composing jazz and music-for-purpose so I decided to go with something that would represent the podcast tonally: cute, melodic, and colorful. I had just woken up from a nap and recorded myself singing a little head on my phone, and frankly, I just put it into Garageband from there with some minor alterations and built the harmony behind it. Being a percussionist I felt the vibraphone would be a great timbre to open up with every week - it's programmed, but Garageband has enough fidelity to sound great, I think, and I made sure to add little flourishes and timing/dynamic shaping. I modeled much of the piano solo on Snarky Puppy solos - none I can remember specifically, but Cory Henry's influence is always present when I am writing for keyboard. Drums were engineered, recorded, and mastered by myself. I would love to redo this at some point with real instruments (and thus fix the vibraphone solo panning to the left for no reason by the end of its solo - whoops).