🎼 ♫ “Vines Don’t Reach” – 12-tone duet for marimba & vibraphone

📷 Looks like we’re in for some great flicks ahead!


♫ Additional original score for Bugs & Kisses visual novel – “miniature comet!”

🎼 ♫ "The rich feel safe, and yet they have names" â€“ percussion quartet


🎥 "Personal fan jostling a can of mountain dew code red"

♫ Theme for Oh My Gush podcast

🖥 rot13 utility for Alfred 3

♫ Original score for Bugs & Kisses visual novel demo

♫ "Take out your phone and let your friends know you love them" (Composer's Notes)


♫ Selected marimba pieces from Novembeat 2016

♫ “The Refusal” – Karnivool drumset cover

🎮 Pygame test – The Witness line puzzle implementation

♫ "First Meditation on Social Mental Illness" (Composer's Notes)

♫ Jazz theme & drums for Going Down with the Ship (Composer's Notes)

♫ Crystal Kingdom cue by Griffin McElroy on mallet percussion

🎼 Crystal Kingdom cue arranged for solo piano

♫ "Come Hell or High Water" â€“ Native Construct drumset cover

🎼 Intermission by The Protomen transcribed for acoustic guitar trio

🎼 Variations on America II: Rational Miserliness Boogaloo (Composer's Notes)

📷 Flora album art design 2

♫ "Get To It" – Dave Weckl drumset cover


🎼 ♫ "But is it Feminist?" â€“ first draft (Composer's Notes)

♫ "Feedback Loop" – The Contortionist drumset cover

🎼 â™« "Quiet Water" from Undertale by Toby Fox – arranged for solo vibraphone

♫ "Dystopia""Hexes" â€“ Tesseract drumset covers

🎮 Snake Life â€“ Short & sweet C++ game

🎼 ♫ Morphogenetic Field Theory for percussion trio – SMU Emerging Sounds 2015 performance (Composer's Notes)

♫ "Famine Wolf" – Between the Buried and Me drumset cover

🎼 Laghima â€“ first draft for choir and percussion accompaniment


🎼 "...and despair they did." â€“ sketch for clarinet, drumset, baritone voice, and two pianos

📷 Custom Icon for Safari

♫ "The Parable" – The Contortionist drumset cover

📷 Clouds 2 Collagic Design

📷 Clouds 1 Collagic Design


🎼♫ A'asphyxia â€“ first draft for wind quintet – high school reading

🎼♫ Arguing â€“ first draft for string quartet – MIDI realization

📷 Flora album art design 1

🎼 â™« Morphogenetic Field Theory â€“ first draft for percussion duet – high school reading

♫ "Telos" – Between the Buried and Me drumset cover

♫ "Letter Experiment" – Periphery drumset cover

♫ "Extremophile Elite" – Between the Buried and Me drumset cover


♫ "Lay Your Ghosts to Rest" – Between the Buried and Me drumset cover

♫ "CAFO" – Animals as Leaders drumset cover

🖥 Interactive Game Camp – Founder, counselor, designer