Morphogenetic Field Theory is a percussion trio chamber piece taking inspiration from the Zero Escape series of interactive fiction & Shinji Hosoe's score, as well as the piece "Sharpened Stick" by Brett William Dietz (among other things). This is the public premiere of the piece at SMU's Emerging Sounds concert, on 11/21/2015. This is the second full draft of the piece, and I'm quite happy with it. Please enjoy! Keep your ears open for the use of the one explicit motive I took from the Zero Escape score throughout the piece. This may help:

Performers: Keaton Box – Marimba, Lucas Polson – Vibraphone, Eden Porter – Drumset

Here is a link to the second performance of the piece at the Meadows Percussion Ensemble's spring 2016 concert. In hindsight, I think the slower tempo and reduced dynamics do not fit the piece as well! Although it does have the whistle part present this time. YMMV. (Same performers as the above video.)